LG Revolution Buy One Get One

LG REVOLUTION BOGOIf you think 4G are expensive think again. The LG Revolution is now the cheapest 4G phone offer from Verizon Wireless. Buy one for $0 and get the second one for free when you sign up a family plan. The only string attached, just like any other carrier, is to commit to a 2-year service plan. The LG Revolution is powered by a 1GHz processor and features 4.3 inch large touch screen. Most importantly it runs on America’s most reliable 4G network – Verizon Wireless. You can experience super fast speed when it comes to web browsing or downloading music and videos. The built-in digital camera/camcorder lets you take high quality pictures and HD videos. Better yet, upload them instantly and share with friends on your favorite social networking sites. For those who would like to take advantage of the 4G wireless network – you can share connection with up to 5 WiFi devices at the same time. Hurry LG Revolution Buy One Get One special will end soon.

LG REVOLUTION 4G LTEVerizon Wireless is the only carrier that offers real 4G devices. This phone usually sells for 200 with a 2-year contract. And get to the price like below $50 you would normally have to wait for special sale like Black Friday or Christmas. Getting 2 of them for free is unheard of. Isn’t it even crazier if you can get up to 4G LTE smartphone for the $0 out of pocket? That’s right. For a very limited time you can choose buying one, two, and up to five LG Revolution 4G LTE and pay nothing out of pocket. Stay tuned for detail on how to get this BOGO from Verizon.


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